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Being a Mom and a Writer

I've been frustrated lately with how little time I've had to write. I want to, but it just feels like I have no time. Something else is always "more important." I found this well written article that says those "more important" things really are more important. It is okay that I'm not getting to it, because I'm still good at it, and I can get to it when I again have time.
Even if you aren't a writer, if you are a Mom in any capacity, please read this article.

How to Know if Your Infant Has Had or is Having a Stroke

I wrote another article for Wikkihow. This time it was on Strokes. I figured that my first hand experience gave me the knowledge to write it. Plus, if I mess anything up it is open to editing for anyone in the wikki community. Check it out, http://www.wikihow.com/Know-if-Your-Infant-or-Child-Is-Having-or-Has-Had-a-Stroke!


I did some research on resumes recently. I wondered with the economy the way it is and with so many people needing jobs, if there was any new advice on what to do to get a resume noticed. It didn't sound like anything new, but I did find something I had forgotten. Here is a link to one of the articles I read, http://www.easyjob.net/r/resume-outline/.
What I had forgotten is that most people reading a resume prefer a short opening statement, often called an objective, so they know exactly what makes you "tick" from paragraph one. Not just achievements, but personality traits such as "Accustomed to work in a team. Proven leadership abilities and troubleshooting skills." It should be only a couple of well thought out sentences at the beginning of the resume. 


I've have had a couple requests for editing this month. I love editing and it would be a pleasure to edit whatever anyone wants. I will not always be able to do it right away (sometimes I will, I'll let you know). I will however, always fit you in. If you have something you want edited just send it to me via email and I'll get it back to you as soon as I can. :)

Wikihow Writing

My project this week was to write a how-to for wikihow. I have become a firm believer in pinterest and I commented on how one of the pins, a mini fruit pizza on sugar cookies, was something I already did. I was asked to do the how-to then. I hadn't heard of wikihow before then, but I thought why not? So I got started. Wikihow is pretty easy to use and is great for finding how-to's on almost any subject. The only suggestion I have with it is to make sure that you read the instructions on numbering, bulleting, etc. before you get started.
To read my article click on the link below.
Now I just need to make some so that I can take some pictures. I will be doing that for Christmas so that will be good. :) I'll put the pictures up when I get them.

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